What are your shirts made out of?

We use a variety of shirt types, most of which are either lightweight ringspun cotton or a poly-cotton blend. Details are available on each shirt listed on the website. 


How does sizing run?

For the majority of products, sizes run straight up as you'd expect. For the few that run large or small, we have noted such on the website. 


How do I wash my shirts?

Machine wash on normal settings, if you dry them they will tighten up, if you hang dry they will not. Shirts are screen printed so you should get hundreds of washes without the images cracking or fading. 


What happens if a shirt is out of stock in my size?

We may or may not reprint a design again. We have a link for emails and you can request a shirt via email. We will file the request and if we reprint we will contact you prior to printing to ensure you get what you wanted. 

Are screen print shirts better?

Screen printing is by far the best method for reproducing images in true-to-life color. Screen printing ink is pretty much guaranteed to outlast the garment that it is printed on. The same cannot be said for other methods of printing such as digital printing or iron on transfers. Screen print clothing gives a much more vibrant color and works great on any color garment from light to dark while digital printing will make colors look more washed out on darker colored clothing. Iron on transfers offer great color but often begin to peel off with time or through the wash, making them not durable enough to last very long. If you are looking to reproduce an image as accurately as possible, in a way that will last the full life of the garment itself, screen printing is the way to go! We are dedicated to creating the highest quality prints on our garments and know they it will show when you receive your product. 

Can I get custom shirts made?

Sure, if you want at least 24. Otherwise, if you catch us prior to printing and want a different garment or color, yes, we can accommodate you.



Thank you for shopping with us!