About Us

Metal Clothing Co is a Lifestyle Clothing Brand with it's roots in the Urban/Athletic aesthetics. Founded in 2013 by Alex Schinas, initially it was an outlet to outfit personal training clientele. With a background in Illustration, Alex's eye kept pushing him away from purely athletic designs and toward a grittier street look with inspiration from current events. 
In 2016 Metal had run it's course, designing was a chore as lead designer Chris Ammond moved on to other projects. The exciting synergy was gone, and without the ability to manufacture in-house, prices kept rising. Alex considered closing the doors on the company when he was approached by Mark McCaffrey with the intent to bring production in-house. In 2018, Alex and Mark partnered on Iqarus Brands LLC. Metal Clothing Co was reborn!
Alex and Mark are exceptionally proud to offer this hand crafted, hand printed, exceptionally high quality product line to you for competitive prices. We hope you'll bookmark this page and return often to see what's new! If you have comments or suggestions, please contact Alex at alex@iqarusbrands.com or Mark at mark@iqarusbrands.com
Alex and Mark also operate IQarus Brands, a brand building/design/screen print operation aimed toward helping you bring YOUR project to life. This site is currently in the works so check back soon for an update!
Thanks for checking us out.
Alex Schinas and Mark McCaffrey